Protecting Your Information

At Graceway Media we understand how important it is to keep your information protected and secure. Our commitment to your privacy can be read below.

Your Privacy

Graceway Media has established a policy for safeguarding your personal information so that it remains confidential. Our website does not collect any personal information about you except when you knowingly provide us with that information. Such information will only be used by Graceway Media (or its predecessors), and will not be sold or used by any third party.

Your Credit Card

Ordering online with Graceway Media is always secure. All online transactions in Graceway Media are handled with SSL encryption which is one of the industry's highest security standards. When you enter your credit card number and other information into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted form, and then decoded when it gets to us.

Your Email Address

At Graceway Media we do not rent, sell, or exchange your email address with any third party. We will use your email address to send you newsletters or to inform you of any updates to our website. We will also use it to let you know about any promotions that we think you would find valuable. Sporadically, we may even attempt to collect demographic data from you. This information is used by Graceway Media only. This data is gathered to better help us understand our valued members. You may choose to participate. You certainly do not have to.

Your Login

Graceway Media uses cookies (a small text file that resides on your computer that helps your internet browser to remember specific information) so that you do not have to type-in your username and password each time you visit our site. This convenient feature does not work if you have chosen to block or disable cookies in your internet properties.


Any information you fill out on one of our web forms is collected and stored in order to provide you with suitable feedback.

Graceway Media reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation of alleged unlawful actions of our members related to electronic communication transmitted on our site. Graceway Media will have no legal liability for such disclosures.

If you still have questions, please contact us.