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High School Youth

A general slide for High Youth or Sr. High Youth. When I searched I didn't find a single one. :(

Greg Crocker Church Name

Got Your Back

Walking the journey together

I lead a men's group called "Got Your Back" and was looking for a slide to use but couldn't find one with that title. It would also work for a sermon series on unity, bearing each others burdens, accountability, authentic relationships, etc. Pic could be military, but that might be too strong. Perha....

Ron Triggs Church of the Living Christ

Come Out From Among Them

2 Cor. 6:17

Maybe a silhouette crowd with one person a different color so they stand out? Something like that.

Matt Waskey Eastside Baptist Church

Worship, Learn, Grow

Huge Beautiful blue sky Cut to large large bedsheet thrown up into air covering up ble sky Cut to adults chasing toddlers under blanket and hugging them and laughing with them

sergio sturino people's Church of Montreal


Community News

We need something for our Bullentin board for Community News, that goes on outside of the church. Thanks

Elizabeth Blevins Grove Level Baptist Church

Senior Adult Ministry

Just Older Youth

JOY Just Older Youth

Elizabeth Blevins Grove Level Baptist Church

Just A Cupbearer to the King

We are beginning a series on July 7 and I am not sure if you can help us with this but this series will be based out of the book of Nehemiah. The look we are trying to achieve is a servant bowing before a king maybe with a cup or goblet in his hand as if bringing a lowly gift to a king.

Lori Cairell Gardenside Christian Church

Technology in Service?

Yes! Be our guest!

Encourage congregation to use social media during service to share something that moved them. Also encourage people to look up Scripture on their devices. Need slides with smart phone images minus the "silence" symbols.

Shelly Lohr

In the hands of an angry god


I made a video of Steve Camp's song 'In the hands of an angry God' just as a little personal project. I have not asked for permisison from Mr.Camp, but if you do, you have my permission to use the video. It is on youtube under the same name

sergio sturino people's Church of Montreal


The Walls Will Fall

Joshua and the walls of Jericho

Brad Bess Life Point Church

Child Dedication

At our church we have families who dedicate children that are no longer in the "baby" classification, so it would be nice to have a graphic that said "Child Dedication" instead of "Baby Dedication." Thanks for your consideration.

Becky Shipe Coastline Bible Church

Swimming Upstream

Living Counter-Culturally

Fish swimming against the current - crystal clear water, one fish, different color maybe than the others - swimming against them.



Who Cares?

Revelation 3:14-22

Ann Ayers Walnut Creek

Safe Guard against Seduction

surviving evil's pull

This is based on Col 2:8-10 where we are instructed by Paul never to be captured by empty philosophies and high sounding nonsense.

Don Berry-Graham Church Name


If there could be a more precise result of searching a particular subject/verse, it would be more helpful than searching through all the slides in your search...

Scott Knox Blue Mountain Baptist Church

Living in Tents

The Faith of Abraham

sermon series looking at how faith causes us to live a transient life (spiritually and philosophically speaking) so that we are ready to move when God moves and don't have brick and mortar commitments tying us down.

Kenneth Clapp Stockdale Church of Christ

What's the Buzz

Motion and Still Screen with a bee flying around it. Have it freeze on the screen (towards the bottom). To used to show the happenings or events.

Dennis Wells Church Name

Mini Videos

I think adding mini videos to the site should be an added feature... Our media team always have to go to other sites to purchase mini movies for special services. Like or

Kelli Bigel United Pentecostal Church Harvey


Greece/Athens themed to go with Group Publishing's Athens VBS.

Shelly Lohr

Graduation Theme: Shooting Stars

As you're working on new slides & motions for upcoming Graduation events, consider using "stars" or more specifically "shooting stars" as a theme of inspiration. I've always loved Emerson's quote, "Hitch your wagon to a star," and think it applies well for high school & college graduates.

Joey Sparks Midway Church of Christ

Mother & Daughter Tea

Mother's Day Event

Derek Eubanks Elevation Life Church

Fathers and mothers

1 Cor 4:15

Discipleship requires more than teaching, it requires parents; spiritual parents.

Ian Carroll Greater Chicago Church

Spring Clean Up Night

Clean up church grounds and spread bark. Rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows.

Elise Hoekstra Ivanrest Christian Reformed Church


Download Sets of Slides

My idea isn't a title. It's a function of your website. Take all of your similar slides and make them accessible as "sets". For example: Modern Lines I could click on the left and find a link called "sets". There I could download all of the stills and videos that are designed to look just alik....

Rusty Sizemore River Valley Community Church

Different Sermon Still Look

Most of your sermon stills (the newer ones) are very "artsy" i.e., with touched up artwork, photos, etc. Sometimes they take a retro look. They are very nice and I congratulate you. May I suggest some stills with a contemporary, streamlined look?

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

What Lies Beneath

When Wealth Rules

(sermon still) Mark 10:17-23 is a sad story of a rich young man. Jesus exposes what was beneath the surface of his religiosity: he'd rather maintain his wealthy status than help the poor and follow Jesus.

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

Blood Pressure Sunday

Have your blood pressure checked by one of our nur

We have several nurses in our church who volunteer 1 Sunday a month to take the blood pressures of any of our members who many want their pressure checked.

Shelly Lohr

The Proof the World is Waiting For

John 13:35

(sermon still) Only genuine and simple love for one another as brothers and sisters in Jesus will convince the world that we belong to Christ.

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

Lie #1

You Won't Die

(sermon still) The very first lie on planet earth came from Satan when he told Eve in Eden, "You won't die" (Gen. 3:4) referring to her eating the forbidden fruit.

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

The Four Horsemen

Revelation's Cavaliers

(sermon still) Revelation's four horsemen of chapter 6 describe earthly calamities released when Christ Himself breaks the first four seals.

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

Metal Man

Nightmare of a King

Daniel 2 depicts God giving a dream to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon (more of a nightmare to the king) forecasting the future right down to the end of time. The prophet Daniel interprets this dream.

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

Star Wars

Angels Gone Bad

Revelation 12:4, 7-9 describes war in heaven between Lucifer and Christ and the angels (stars) that sided with both. The activity of demons on earth originates with this terrible war in heaven.

Ray Navarro Tempe Seventh Day Adventist

Office Assistant

communion motion

How about a motion that goes through the steps of communion. for example: that begins with the bread(maybe Jesus offering the bread at the Last Supper), spans to his death on the cross then moves to the cup(again could be a cup or just Jesus offering it at the Last Supper, or them just sitting ar....

Traci Kondracki Southside Baptist Church

Church Library

Come Check it Out

A slide with a bunch of old books on book shelves.

Drew Buell

I Love The Church!

This would series would focus on the distinctives found in Acts 2:42-47. The graphic would be centered more around the church rather than the word love.

Cameron Watford Christian Church at Cogan Station

Estas Listo

estas listo

Estás listo para el fin de los tiempos - Apocalipsis 22:12

AJ Sanchez First Baptist Church of Long Beach

The Christian Faith

Is it "Then and There" or "Here and Now?"

The Book of Acts describes the explosive growth in the faith and numbers of those that came to know Jesus as their Lord & Savior. But is our Christian faith just a "then & there" kind of belief system or is it alive and relevant for "here and now?"

Nancy Young Immanuel Lutheran Church

Technology In Church?

Yes! Be our guest!

Encouraging people to use their cell phones, tablets, laptops to take notes on sermons, tweet questions/comments about the sermon, look up Scripture passages, record the sermon to share with a friend, Post your interpretation of the message on Facebook. Technology is not always bad in church. Peop....

Shelly Lohr Main Street United Methodist Church

Grow in God's Word

some graphics that include parent and child reading God's word together

Juli Staab Trinity Lutheran Church

Unfailing Love

A slide for a sermon series on Christ's love or for promotion for an event centered around love.

Timothy Flick Lenexa Christian Center


Continuing Our Worship Through Giving

Could be just a colorful background, or could be a cool vector art of the inside of a checkbook and someone writing a check. Or someone dropping a check or envelope in a basket.

Bryan Davis New Life Church

Are you ready to ROCK?

Rock 4 Life 10 hour Rock-A-Thon

picture of a rocking chair

Paula Fausett Faith Family Ministries


Rock for Life

Rock-A-Thon to collect money for the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Paula Fausett Faith Family Ministries

Pie/Sweets Auction

To advertise a pie and/or sweets auction as a fundraiser. pics of pies and desserts.

Shelly Lohr

church/Community Garden

Growing for God

An image of a garden, veggies and produce in rows that would lead to a sky that would give a place to put text. Something more for garden than the Garden of Eden--as we grow produce that feeds our neighbors. Thanks!

Heather Seman community united methodist church

Living Stones

1 Peter 2:5a

You are living stones being built into a spiritual house. This metaphor is fitting for disciples of Jesus. Jesus was a builder by trade. Jesus was the stone rejected by humanity, but sent by his Father to be the capstone or cornerstone in his spiritual house. God’s spiritual house is construc....

Shari Ilbrink Ivanrest Christian Reformed Church


Lilies...Would love to have Easter stills that had lilies on them.

Shelly Lohr


He Is Risen Indeed!

An empty altar against a white background. On the altar it reads "HE IS RISEN INDEED".

Colin Rowley Bethel Church

Good Friday

Lamb of God

A surreal image of a lamb ready to be slain on an altar reading "Lamb of God".

Colin Rowley Bethel Church

The Thread of Redemption

Seeing Christ from Genesis to Revelation

A series based on the popular Max Anders book 30 days to Understanding the Bible. This additional emphasis on the scarlet thread of salvation from Genesis 3:15 to Revelation 1:5

brian harris pine acres church


Reclaiming A Proper Picture of Jesus

A series header for the book of Mark. In Mark's Gospel, it seems no one understands Jesus. Mark clearly tells us who Jesus is in his Gospel, yet the teachers of the law question him, the Pharisees accuse him, his family thinks he's crazy, his hometown dispises him, and his disciples are "dull." I....

Chad Laughrey Countryside Christian Church


Please move toward the center aisle.

At our church we frequently use the word, "Skooch" to remind people to move toward the center aisle so that late comers do not have to crawl over people to be seated.

Becky Shipe Coastline Bible Church


Check it out online!

We hope to go to an online bulletin in 2013. It would be great to have a graphic to use to promote it.

Becky Shipe Coastline Bible Church

Loops without words

Elevating the worship experience

Worship Loops, not splash screens, that have no text on them and are not designed to have text on them. Outdoor scenes, abstracts, communion, the list of possibilities is almost infinite. You've got great stuff, but so much of it I can't use for behind songs, etc., to elevate the worship experience.

Sue Shaw HOPE Church

Easter Choir

To alert people that Easter choir is forming/beginning rehearsals.

Shelly Lohr Main Street United Methodist Church

Flip Clock

Service Begins In

you already have a 60 second flip clock. My idea is just to make it a 5:00 countdown.

Adam Whitlock City Church

You've Gotta Be Kidding Me

Making sense of Jesus words

A look at the difficult syaings/commands of Jesus

Brett Smith Bayside Church-Woodland

Men's Leadership

As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another

anvil and other blacksmith tools blurred and title and tagline on anvil, reason:our church is starting a men's leadership class

Collin Guernsey Grace Baptist Church

Breaking Generational Curses

Exodus 34:7; Lamentations 5:7

A Generational Curse involves negative patterns from your family history that are repeated in your own life. However, God’s plan is for us to have a better future.

Derek Eubanks Elevation Life Church


Greet someone around you

It would be great to have a picture of a congregation or just some people in the background and the slide to read Greet someone around you. Our church still has a welcome and greet time and we are using a really old school powerpoint jpg for this because we can't seem to find a greeting slide.

Andrew Counts Winchester Road Baptist

Beach Devotional or Beach Devo

It would be great to have a slide that said Beach Devotional or Beach Devo with a picture of the beach as the background. This slide would be great for those doing Beach Devo's with the church or youth ministry.

Mark Zielinski Gateway Church of Christ

Community Servant Appreciation Day

We honor our local EMTs, firefighters, and police on a special Sunday each year. Would love to have a special slide for this.

Randall Jackson Faith Baptist Church

Soup and Salad Luncheon

Could be used for many different ministries for fundraisers or just social events.

Shelly Lohr

Adopt a College Student

Help our College Students keep connected!

Members "adopt" specific college students to send notes of encouragement, pray for them, and send possible care packages. pictures of silhouetted college aged kids (we don't care as much for pics of complete strangers), care packages, something that shows connection, love, support or anything alo....

Shelly Lohr Main Street United Methodist Church


Just make anything cool that involves're the creative geniuses!

Jonathon Mitchell Grace Fellowship Church

God's Great Provision

Philippians 4:9-20

God's Great Provision Philippians 4:9-20

Landon Todd First Baptist Church of Baldwin, FL


To The Center Of My Church

Core, Our DNA

Ron Storebo Open Bible

I would like to see more Nature Photographs VS computer generated images (although your images are great) Also, would like to be have a search category for photographs to isolate them. Thanks

Don Roy Pathway Community Church