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Our History

Graceway Media began in 2006 as PowerPoint Sermons, providing sermon titles and designs. The goal was to assist pastors with the presentation of their sermon, giving them quality designs and a selection to choose from. Since then, our passion for helping churches preach, teach and present the Gospel has led us to move beyond sermons and include designs for worship, specific ministries, special events, holidays and more to help the church with all aspects of design needs.

With all that we offer, PowerPoint Sermons didn't quite fit anymore and we changed our name to Graceway Media. So why the name "Graceway"? As you know, we want to create media that magnifies the message of Jesus Christ. His message is one of "grace" and He is the "way". We realized bringing the two words together encompassed our overall mission.


Now that we have over 10,000 graphics that range from any type of sermon or service still to HD motions, countdowns, banners and all aspects of personalized promotional material, we realized the next step was to merge with a company who is equally passionate about the church, our role in ministry and a future to help churches and pastors do even more. That company is now our parent, RT Creative Group.

As a subsidiary of RT Creative Group, Graceway Media can now help your church with any design and promotional needs—and equip you with the tools that you need on a weekly and daily basis.

The Whole Team!

Graceway Media Team

All of us here are eager to serve you and your church.
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